May 3, 2017 UPDATE:

This is a bit long, but if you somehow made it here after so long a time, some things are probably worth clarifying and hopefully useful to someone.

Many things have changed with me (and my websites) since I wrote the following post below over eight years ago.  

As far as the websites mentioned below are concerned, you will probably notice that I’ve let some domains go (and there is obviously no longer any “MyBlogLog” Community).  The others have been inactive for some time, and I no longer endorse some things on them.

But more importantly and much more to the point, personally, I have also long since repented (years now) of some ideas and practices I would have more easily accepted or even recommended, and I have destroyed many of what I once believed were relatively harmless books that I might have recommended earlier.  (Acts 19:18-20)  When I first began these websites many years ago, my Christian mindset had been led off into more “new age” liberality than I currently espouse, practice or would recommend today.

[To those who are very much into that type of material: It’s not that everything taught is altogether wrong or “bad.”  I found many things in these books with which I deeply resonated, interpreting them through what felt like a godly Christ-like lens with some similarities to what I’d found in scripture.  When I myself first became introduced to the “New Thought” and “Christian/Religious Science” genres (as well as some others), I was faithful in church and I believe my heart was in the right place, seeking a deeper connection with God that I felt I had since lost (Romans 14:20).  

Indeed there were some good principles to be found, and it did deepen some of my understanding of my own faith … sometimes even in spite of the very teachings themselves, as they made me realize how much they lacked the deepest foundations in Christ Jesus.  But as time went on, my spirit became more and more dissatisfied and unsettled with certain teachings, assumptions and affirmations I read, as well as with certain attitudes, upheld by some others who also appreciated these concepts, concerning the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ who laid and personified the foundation for these very principles.  

In the meantime, I had been gradually seduced away from the fullness of scripture.  Later, in the light of the larger body of scripture, I found what I perceived to be not only an ignorance of some necessary scriptural kingdom principles, but also a strand of spiritual “SELF-” deception running through some of it that I believe, if not discerned and forsaken, can derail a person spiritually.  God and His biblically revealed laws are worthy of our reverence.  Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and teachings are worthy of our love and heeding.  Without a greater emphasis on Jesus Christ and the Word of God, and “seeking First HIS Kingdom and Righteousness, the rest can embolden us to live ignorantly, selfishly or rebelliously unto man only… and lawlessly unto God, who is our very Life (Deuteronomy 30:20) and foundation, and without acknowledging a need for Jesus Christ who is our spiritual “kinsman redeemer” before the Presence of God for the debts of our sinful lower nature. (2 Peter 2:1)]

The inactive websites on a few domains remain because I still had a purpose for the domain, they were a point of contact for someone far away, and so I haven’t had the mind to let them go yet.  (I also don’t have immediate access to the sites right now.)  With IWGF, it was my intent to introduce some of the blessings of the restraints and order found in the word of God from a place others understood based on commonality, but since then I have understood that, in some ways, I was becoming spiritually compromised and was compromising the word of God in becoming “all things to all men that I might by all means save some.” (1 Corinthians 9:22)  While I don’t condemn this way of interacting, I also don’t want to water down the foundations of the word of God or encourage or endorse liberties in that which God says has pitfalls and that we should not do.  It has been said that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Jesus described it as the “broad way that leads to destruction,” but upon which many go, as opposed to the “narrow way” and “strait gate” that lead to Life which Jesus said “Few Find.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

So the inactive websites may change or eventually also come down, because lately — especially with the world the way it is today — I’ve been feeling a desperately growing need to learn, follow, share and stress, above all else, scriptural ideas that build on a much more narrow Jesus-Christ-centered focus: one that emphasizes Jesus Christ’s redemption and a focus on His teachings, and that also helps people to stop sinning (because sin leads to death, but God is trying to give us perpetual Life through Christ Jesus), and rather to more organically/from the heart be able to fulfill much more of God’s foundational law which was given for our natural and spiritual learning, for our connection to God, for our hygiene, health and longevity, for our family and community stability, and for our providence and protection, both natural and especially spiritual (because certain practices that violate God’s law actually cross over to a paradigm opposite God’s protective plan, and can gradually and increasingly attract demonic soul ties and oppression, paranormal activity and even possession).

Either way, if you happen to come upon any of the old sites, please cautiously eye or reject anything mildly occultic, new-agey or “Self-“centered that may stem from the mindset and practices of Egypt and Babylon, because God in Christ Jesus is pre-eminent, and to make it through the coming days and months (and to whatever extent we may yet have them, years) and stand before God blameless and “unspotted from the world” (James 1:27), I believe we will more and more need to focus less and less on our own dreams for our ideas of the abundant life that we think God wants to give us according to our the desires of our flesh (or worse yet, that some of us seem to feel we are automatically entitled to as “God’s offspring” with or without Christ Jesus and the will of God), and more on cleaving to God and losing ourselves to God’s Holy Spirit in alignment with God’s Word through Jesus Christ’s explication and spirit of truth and love, so that GOD’s own Spiritual Protection, Providence and Divine Transformation can stream forth through us as we come to the end of ourselves IN HIM.  (Matthew 10:39)  

It might seem like a subtle difference to some people (and I still have yet to fully come to an understanding of all that Jesus “the Christ/anointed/Messiah” has desired of us in respect to following him), but God is Sovereign and we in ourselves and in our own will and desires are not ultimately in charge.  The difference is who we are ultimately heeding and serving. How much can anyone say and be confident he truly serves God either apart from (for the world) or the further and further away he is from (for the church) God’s and Jesus’ specified will?  It can be the difference between Night and Day… between having our roots planted and established firmly in God through Christ Jesus, and ultimately being lost. (Hebrews 12:22-29)

Nevertheless, old ways notwithstanding, for now at least, I have left this post’s content up as it is, because it is what it is and I cannot deny it.  My old websites reflect my heart for people, an understanding of where people today are coming from, and a desire to see healing for everyone in the world, and the world at large.  

[Disclaimer/Warning:  For any who may not know (heads up), it should be noted that 1) In the Physical sense, the Bible is not haphazardly optimistic about this. (2 Peter 3, Luke 21:34 and 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 KJV/YLT), and 2) Spiritually speaking, the Most High God is thrice Holy and there are requirements for our own sanctification/holiness by Christ Jesus’ spirit and our own diligence to be able to see God and to be able to finally enter into His Perfect Rest. (Hebrews 12:14, 1 Corinthians 3:10-20, 1 Corinthians 6:14-20, Revelation 21:8, 27; 22:15)] 

All I am is a growing individual with flaws, yet seeking to be perfected in Him and gradually awakening (Romans 13:11, 1 Corinthians 15:34, Ephesians 5:14).  I believe in Christ Jesus and have experienced God’s love and life through Him in an other-dimensional way.  Therefore there has always been a gnawing sort of ‘divine discontent’ with this life, like “a stranger and a pilgrim in this world” desiring “to be clothed upon by the heavenly kingdom” and I cannot but desire to know Him more. (John 6:63-69)  

Since I was born again, I’ve had an intuitive heart and compassion for small children (whether actual children or that ignored or abused and stunted, sometimes innocent and beautiful, but wounded and therefore unfortunately sometimes unruly part in some people’s spirit): the confused, hurting, misunderstood, marginalized, soul-oppressed, and the deep, authentic and sincere but “politically-” culturally- or even religiously- “incorrect.”  So I desired to, from a safe distance (allowing people to keep and control their own defense mechanisms that help keep them in check), be some sort of hope-bringer with the principles of the word of God, and a peacemaker presenting the gospel in an alternative way, healing souls and perhaps helping to reconcile some of the madness in the world.  

BUT having been too broad, and with the “spiritual wickedness [things of evil/depravity] in high [heavenly] places” at work exponentially in the world today (Ephesians 6:12 KJV [YLT/Strong’s]), and the impending resulting destruction (2 Peter 3:7 YLT), more and more I’m finding myself caring only about what it all boils down to in the end: the ONLY thing that can have the potential to endure or remain once this earthly body or dimension is dissolved — the salvation of all of our Souls.  At the same time, I also believe that, challenging though the path may be, for those who choose to take His path, the most important of many other personal concerns can also be alleviated.  

No matter who you are and what you’ve done… If you are sensitive to conscience, sorry for your sins/desirous to be made whole, and willing to learn of Jesus and desire God with all your heart, I believe you will find Him.  

If you become enlightened by the scriptures and an internal faith in Jesus Christ in your heart, get baptized in Jesus’ name and you will receive the Holy Spirit of God, being “born again” from above.  Let God lead you to other followers of Jesus to gather, pray and worship God with.  God bless.  

If it may be helpful to anyone maybe just starting out with God and the Bible, or perhaps Christians seeking to go further:

I’d recommend beginning with the four gospels.  I find Matthew (foundational with the famous “Sermon on the Mount” in Chaps. 5-7) and John (spiritual) to be favorite starters out of the four.  Then Acts of the Apostles, 1 & 2 Peter, James, 1, 2 & 3 John, Jude are also foundational.  Paul’s books have been considered to be more advanced.  (Also worth noting is that with all that is going on in the world today, Revelation is very relevant right now.) 

I personally tend to like comparing older translations.  For both Old and New Testaments, I like to read and compare the King James Version (KJV) which, although not quite accurate, but is very poetic, easy to memorize and is indexed to Strong’s-Concordance (for an understanding of the original Greek words and connotations) with Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) (which is much more accurate, but doesn’t always flow very well on its own) side by side using the following iPhone/iPad apps:

Touch Bible HD (the paid version of Touch Bible – the difference is Night and Day in terms of the functionality)

Blue Letter Bible (free) 

A. For the New Testament, I tend to bear witness with the Textus Receptus based versions of the Bible: KJV and the NKJV (which seems more accurate) and the YLT which is much more accurate but, as I said, doesn’t flow well alone.

B. ***For the Old Testament, however, I’ve found so much value in comparing both versions to the older Septuagint (LXX) which format of words was often quoted by Jesus and the apostles, and appears to be more accurate in many cases than the Masoretic Text which was modified.  Sometimes this version seems almost like its been hidden from us.

The Septuagint (LXX) version I’ve mainly been using has been the Interlinear Apostolic Bible Polyglot, which allows one to see the exact flow of the Greek words, and can be downloaded.  Searching some of the Old Testament Strong’s Concordance numbers in Touch Bible HD under Strong’s and “NT” has brought a greater cohesiveness to the scriptures, and in some cases, been eye-opening

Although I really haven’t read much of it, it may be worth noting that I’ve also recently compared the against the Sir Lancelot Brenton version with Apocrypha, which is not exactly the same and I cannot tell how accurate, but it includes the Apocrypha and reads more easily straight through, lacking the interlinear helps and translation footnotes. 

Before always chasing down the verse in the Apostolic Bible Polyglot LXX for an Old Testament comparison, sometimes lately I’ve been toggling the KJV side to NET with the Touch Bible HD app, because it includes many footnotes throughout the verses, describing comparisons of translations including the LXX.

C. To Hear the Word of God Read:

Sometimes I use an iPhone/iPad app called particularly for the theatric poetic King James Version, but it has other translations and features.  

For the Apocrypha, however, whether from a KJV with Apocrypha PDF download or a Sir Lancelot Brenton with Apocrypha PDF download, there is an iPhone/iPad app called vBooks that does a fairly good job reading PDF files, and has saved me a lot of time skimming articles and books while I do other things.  I’ve gotten used to its quirks with not always pronouncing the letter ‘f’ and with its standard abbreviations like “street” for St. John, “general” for Gen. (Genesis), and “Reverend” for Rev. (Revelation), etc.  You can also use an iPhone/iPad app called WebToPDF (or similar) to save a long web page (like this one) to PDF format and export it to the vBooks app to save time reading it.

For More Advanced Study and for Certain Questions:

I’ve especially been finding the Apocrypha insightful as to the history and understanding, and inspiring as to the fervent mindset and victory of the pious people.  They were so much more holy and pious than our generation is today.  It has been said it was originally included in the Geneva Bible, comprised of 80 books, but that the Pilgrims tore 14 books out, viewing it only as Jewish history.  It was indeed originally included in the first King James Version (which can be downloaded online), but it was later removed.   

There are a few other writings that I have also personally found interesting for context, but for now I think I will stop here, so nobody chokes on it, lol.  The canonical scriptures are key to start with.  I’d say stick mostly with KJV-Strongs/YLT – and possibly LXX comparisons for starters.

Peace.  Much love.  God bless. 🙂

Original Post:

Hi, 🙂 Thanks very much for stopping by.

Welcome to my Boundless Abundance (BA) family. I am currently blogging a few different places. This site brings all my other sites together “under one roof” so to speak, serving as an “emergency contact point” should we have any server issues on the self-hosted sites. I hope you will come on by and visit me. 😀

The Main Event

Although it isn’t the main site as in a company site or “Headquarters”…

My “baby” – my main project, and one of spiritual and community significance is I Wanna Get Free (IWGF). IMHO, along with getting connected in some way to the home site Boundless Abundance Lifestyles (BAL), I Wanna Get Free would be the most important one to visit if you’re strapped for time. Accompanying this is (SF1), a static website.  Being the first site in this series, it is the precursor to I Wanna Get Free – Heal Your Life.  It has a Help in Crisis page.

Sister Sites

The next two sites also relate to I Wanna Get Free, as both relate to soul and spiritual freedom in different ways:

The relationships in our lives are key in experiencing, discovering and developing who we are. In this spirit, BoundlessLove – The Power of Love (BL) is a blog about  Love and Relationships. Our connection with God and the Divine Flow of Life has the power to rejoice our soul, transform us, propel us through a more enjoyable life, and attract positive experiences and all the things that come along with them. On this foundation, my entire operation, Boundless Abundance, is built. My company namesake and “headquarters”, Boundless Abundance Lifestyles while being a blog itself, also includes a blog celebrating the Ever-Present Abundance (EPA) of Life. I will post here from time to time.


I am very new to blogging. My research, meditations and personal “self-work” for take up quite a bit of time. So far, my real posts (On IWGF, I like to call them articles) have taken 5-10 hours for the first draft, and they usually receive several tweaks over a period of time before publishing as I “sleep on it”… and also several times afterward. For this reason, I don’t post nearly as frequently as a lot of bloggers seem to. Plus, I feel like somehow it takes me longer to actually do and complete things than it takes others anyway. (I honestly don’t know how some of you post so often. Kudos to you guys, FOR REAL. ::thumbsup:: To be fair to myself, though, I’m also still in a “setup” phase. And perhaps I’ll get faster with time.)

I do hope that you’ll like the content enough and stick around anyway. The Boundless Abundance Lifestyles site brings all the sites together. The What’s New category will make it easier to keep up with the activity of the various sites. On the home page, community page and feeds page, I have included RSS widgets of all my feeds, so you can link easily to one of the sites if something you see interests you.

I’m a spirited, philosophical “thinker”. My mind flies around in the world of ideas and spirit quite a bit. Sometimes, it feels like I see both sides, even multiple angles of just about EVERYTHING (except a few insights about myself I was up until recently totally oblivious to, LOL – such is the nature of the ego). Hopefully this multi-angle view will add some sort of unique value to my IWannaGetFree blog. At the same time, however, sometimes it also makes it harder for me to “anchor,” choose a stance/decide, and take quick, consistent and concrete action to make it happen, without vacillating. It’s also a challenge for me to keep up with all my ideas and visions.  And to stay motivated with mundane tasks, but fortunately since starting these sites (since this is very important to me), I’ve been doing it. 😀  (Must be all the Fire and Air in my natal chart. Not one piece of grounded Earth, I tell you! LOL… well, except thankfully for the Midheaven.) If you understand anything about Astrology, then you know it’s a science/study of how energies combine and play upon one another. It has been very insightful to me in a practical self-awareness sort of way. …and with four planets (three of which include Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune) conjunct in Sagittarius, it’s no wonder I’m all over the place. It’s not a bad thing at all – I like being me – but (along with some other aspects) it does seem to have a few trade-offs at times.

[May 5, 2017 Note:  I don’t want to encourage anyone to seek and trust in astrology, even though it appears to lay out many things concerning the cycles and workings of this world.  I have since set it aside as being of a lower kingdom. It is worth noting here that God was very angry at Israel for idolatry, other gods, and not trusting him but in other practices of Egypt and Babylon; and finally gave them up to worshipping “the host of heaven.”  For new agers who may be into lots of other stuff, you should know that lots of practices can open a person up to possession.  FYI: Nations were routinely overcome and conquered when their sins of divination, sorcery, fornication, sodomy, abortion, etc. reached its fullness of sin.  

For those whom God has called out of this world, through Jesus Christ, and into HIS kingdom, God has called us personally to “be not conformed to this world‘s system, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2), and to overcome the world (John 16:33) by holding fast to Him through His word and Jesus “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  If we are “crucified with Christ” (Galatians 2:20), we can learn to “walk in the spirit so we do not complete/fulfill the desire of the flesh” (or our lower human inclinations). (Galatians 5:16-25)  May God help me myself come more and more into His reality and the divine fullness of what all of these words truly mean.  

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you who are heavily into astrology to begin reconsider and seek God and the Lord Jesus Christ who is over and above instead.  God bless.]

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If you like any of the sites, I invite you to join those sites’ communities, either at the sites themselves or here. This way, if I don’t post for a while on a particular blog, I can update you once I’ve posted new content or highlight points of interest. …and/or you might choose to subscribe to a blog’s feed by e-mail. This way, you will receive any/all of that site’s new posts daily. A subscription box can be found on the right sidebar of each site. In the event of site moves or any long-term server issues, website status updates will be posted on the Site Status Updates page at the home site, Boundless Abundance Lifestyles. In the event that Boundless Abundance Lifestyles is also not functioning, updates will be posted here on this site. (This SpiritFREE1 Updates site that you are now on evolved as a contingency plan, out of just such an “emergency” with IWannaGetFree going down. Fortunately, I had a number of IWannaGetFree MyBlogLog community members, so I was able to send out a broadcast to let folks know what the deal was and that I was posting updates here.) Oh, and please check out the Archives at the sites (especially at IWannaGetFree). Just because they become “oldies”, it doesn’t mean they won’t be “goodies”.

A special note on I Wanna Get Free:

I Wanna Get Free is a progressive-reasoning piece of work. It is written to be read from the beginning. The top menu items are also important for establishing a foundation about the philosophy of the site. Inspirational Music for the Soul, Relaxation Music to calm, heal and rejuvenate, and Life-Changing Books for the Spirit and soul can also be found on our Peace, Inspiration and Wisdom page. Commenting is not enabled on IWannaGetFree partly because I feel the significance and weight and depth of the many of the matters I expect to present would need a forum to facilitate enough clear communication to do them justice, and I’m not sure I will have the time and follow-through to make that kind of commitment.  Therefore IWannaGetFree is more of an organized, searchable, regularly updated website than it is a blog. There’s more about this here. Also, since IWannaGetFree is a personal work very dear to my heart,  as much as possible, I need each page to communicate exactly what I’m trying to convey. It is not uncommon for me make minor edits and paragraph additions to the articles from time to time, when I think of something I feel may clarify or round it out.  If people were commenting and the text kept being edited, the pages would be a mess. In addition, many of these ‘articles’ are so long and deal with such personal matters that further discussion on the pages, about abstract spiritual and psychological matters such as IWGF discusses, could go on forever and make the pages way too heavy and unbalanced. Also, In order to give my best, I would like to keep IWGF rewarding for me to write.  I want to be able to easily and freely flow in sharing and editing my thoughts without having them dissected on each page.  Each post may not always stand very well on it’s own, since the ideas espoused come from a much larger, more integrated, yet sometimes less common viewpoint. That is why IWannaGetFree is a cumulative effort.  Each post helps round out the picture. The ideas shared on IWGF are the result of several years of internal processing and integrating different personal experiences and philosophies.  Not everything will always follow the standard human logic or the traditional way of believing and doing things. Since some of the concepts are abstract and hard to explain, they are more easily understood over time and through application. Clearly, people will have different opinions as we all have come through different life experiences, maturation cycles and epiphanies.  While I don’t claim perfection myself, I am a bit concerned that if people don’t quite “get me” right away and are quick to comment or quick to judge, it could hinder the overall intent of the site.  This would be discouraging for me (especially having spent so much time on the articles and having made such an effort to share). Although I tend to be rather reserved with my deeper thoughts and feelings (because it has been challenging for me to clearly articulate some of the things I see, feel and understand in ways that people will understand me and my intentions), with IWannaGetFree I am making my best effort to come forward and share. Consequently, I tend to spend a lot of time choosing my words.  (This from someone who NEVER comments on controversial debates, because I often see what both sides are saying, but I can also see why the sides don’t relate very well to where the other side is coming from… so I don’t get involved in the crossfire. So that you understand what a step this is for me: Until this year, I have never commented on any blog, forum or social bookmarking site Period.) If I had to very thoughtfully respond to every comment regarding abstract, personal, religious or controversial topics [which are generally “taboo” or verboten for blogs anyway], I’d spend an enormous amount of time moderating (perhaps not very well) and not enough time writing… and my responses still might not sufficiently clarify the matter unless I canfind a way to “paint you a picture”.  This is more easily done over time with various posts. Therefore, at this time IWannaGetFree is a website.  Hopefully, absent the commenting, you will still find value there and want to stick around.  That said, I also need to say that I am open to receiving feedback and questions and I do want to facilitate open communicaton within the readership community. It is for these reasons that we now have Boundless Abundance Lifestyles for community interaction around matters significant to the individual and that therefore also affect the community at large.  Ever-Present Abundance and Boundless Love are also open-comment blogs for reader insight, opinions, experiences and testimonials. Therefore, I would much rather receive IWGF feedback, questions and comments via the Contact Form, so that I may gather the input, take the time to process them and attempt to clarify or incorporate the answer in new posts.  Thanks for understanding.

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